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Creativity is the spark that will absolutely change the world!

I love creators and people that will take the time to create something from thought to idea to physical reality. Sachit is a master at this. He has done it for some of the top entrepreneurs and podcasters in the world today, and now he does it for himself and other creators on this show! I will be following this for a long time.

Sachit is a genius when it comes to podcasts!

One of my newest listens of the year — I can see why it’s climbed up the charts so fast!

Awesome Podcast!!!

Sachit, host of the Conscious Creators Show podcast, highlight all aspects of creativity, art and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Love love love it!!!

There aren’t many podcasters I put into my ears — yeah, I’m picky — but this one I can listen to all day. Sachit’s voice is calming. And, he has a special gift of opening his interviewees up to tell stories they haven’t gone into on other shows. It’s magical. Plus, Sachit is well-prepared. Totally worth listening to. #earorgasmic


Just listened to the interview with SJ Murray. So insightful and helpful and fun to listen to!!

JA Episode

Just listened to the James Altucher episode, never heard of him before... was referenced to it by Austin from Millionaire Interviews. Thoroughly enjoyed it & look forward to adding your show to my weekly business podcast rotation.

Great podcast!

Sachit is a fanstic interviewer and pulls out great insight from his guests. Recommended!

Makes ya think!

I enjoy listening, and the interviews are very thought-provoking. Excellent in every way!

Material I've always wanted

The subtitle says it all - making livable income from your art is hard, and Sachit finds people who do it admirably. Love the selection and content - worth a listen!

A breath of fresh air in the podcasting world

Sachit delivers a top-notch production and each interview is filled with an abundance of gems. Anyone can listen and walk away better than before. Adding it to the weekly rotation and looking forward to many more episodes to come... thank you for putting such a wonderful and well thought out show together, Sachit.

Really great stuff

So happy I came across this podcast, love the vibe, love the convos.

Great new show with unexpected, awesome guests

Sachit is excellent at interviewing and having conversations to bring out the most interesting conversations. Highly recommend.

This podcast is truly fantastic!

Sachit’s podcast with Cathryn Lavery is spectacular. What struck me most was Cathryn‘s valuable input and her natural ability to be a creater and ability to build a team and business. Sachit’s interview skills are fantastic! He listens to the responses and crafts wise questions invoking intelligent conversation. I learned a lot, especially new tips on interviewing candidates for positions.

Human Conversations and Lifelong Learning

My new favorite podcast! Though this content speaks to entrepreneurs and creators, it really appeals to anyone with a passion for lifelong learning. Very inspiring takeaways from both a business and human perspective.

Rarely write reviews

What I like is Sachit knows how to produce a podcast, with the research showing in his questions, uncovering nuggets that other podcasts might not ask. This is just the beginning. If I was a betting man, I would wager he climbs to #1 in his podcast category very soon with his abilities.

Constant gems

Great set of guests, with a superb host, leading to mind blowing conversations

Stories of truth that inspire and show what is possible

The details are where the gold is - and Sachit gets to the gold with his detail oriented interview style. Looking forward to more!

worth a listen!

This show is great! I am feeling inspired to tap into my creativity, thanks to it.


The show to take your creativity and action taking to the next level!

Amazing questions and conversation

I really enjoyed hearing sachit talk to his guests. He asks really good questions and also have amazing guests too!

Motivating, Inspiring, and Refreshing.

Sachit does a wonderful job drawing out the most exciting parts of each creator’s story and provides a platform for them to discuss things that invigorate and excite them. Their passion comes through loud and clear and, in turn, makes you want to step up your own creative game. He also does a great job pulling a diverse set of guests on, further enforcing that there are endless ways to become a Conscious Creator.

Epic curation

Sachit is clearly putting this show together with a high degree of intention. Excited for more!

Deeply inspiring, thought provoking, and meaningful

It’s obvious that Sachit puts extraordinary effort into bringing on guests that are authentic and truly care about being a positive force in this world. The great advice they provide, combined with the relatable way in which they deliver puts this on an entirely different playing field. It's one of the most genuine and value-packed podcast for creators of all shapes

Great show!

Great show, great guests. Amazing interviews.

Insightful Stories

Love the stories of these creators, hearing their journeys has so much insight! It’s clear that Sachit is naturally curious and loves chatting with these people which makes for great interviews!

Wow... Just Wow

Hands down one of the best podcasts I have listened to in the past 3 years. Conscious Creators gives us all the inspiration that are used to being 'behind the scenes' to take the lead like the universe intended. Do yourself a favor and invest an hour of your time into this. I guarantee you will get 10x out of your investment.

The best

Love iiiit. Can’t wait to listen them all


I love the passion And voice that Sachit brings to these various subjects. He has worked with some of the most talented creators in the world and his genius shines through in the content found here.

Redefining the Podcast Experience

Conscious Creators is a breath of fresh air in a world of cookie-cutter content and boring, recycled podcast ideas. Sachit is an absolute master of his craft and the attention to detail throughout this production is truly incredible. Only a few episodes in and I can already tell this is going to be a staple in my podcast rotation!